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How to help

Giving to FHF is to become a real partner to support the organization in providing help to the  young children of the street. There are many ways to give. You can join different programs.


Actions to provide help for poor children

The main activity of Florence Home Foundation is to help children of Tamil Nadu to access food, to have a shelter and to attend school.


Become Volunteer or an Eco - Tourist
Year after year, FHF is welcoming foreigners form all over the world. They can act in different ways by being volunteer or an eco-tourist.

Project Focus ...





The NGO Florence Home Foundation proposes you to discover all the marvelous of the Tamil Nadu,  region of incredible culture and jewels of architecture,  old of thousands years.


Eco-Tourim Program offers you an opportunity to discover the Tamil Nadu region and FHF's activities.


You would enjoy the FHF Toursim Programs : "The amil Nadu Great Tour" or "Discovering the Real India"


Tamil Nadu is well known for its tipical temples, coloured architecture, and its spicy flavoured food. 

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